Stop the Illegal Red Panda Trade

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You’re about to make a huge difference for red pandas. By making a contribution or by asking your family and friends to support you in this campaign you’ll be joining us in our fight to stop poaching and the illegal trade of red pandas. 

In Nepal, the red panda is a protected species, but their numbers are dwindling as poaching and illegal trade of red pandas and their parts is on the rise. But Red Panda Network is fighting back. We are continuing to build an anti-poaching network made up of local stakeholders including Forest Guardians who patrol red panda habitat, remove traps and snares, educate locals on the importance of red panda conservation, and report poaching activity to enforcement agencies. We are continuing to identify major trafficking routes and the source of demand for red panda parts.

There are two ways you can help us stop the illegal trade of red pandas!

1. You can make a tax deductible donation 
2. You can start a fundraiser

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Below are some resources that will help make your fundraiser a success. Please email us at info@redpandanetwork if you need any other support. 

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Fundraising Resource Guide 

There is no minimum gift or fundraising amount, every dollar counts! Thank you for your commitment to saving red pandas!